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6 Health Risks Of Obesity That Everyone Should Be Aware Of

Obesity is defined by obesity surgery doctors as a health condition in which the individual accumulates extra body weight and become a breeding ground for many more health issues. Today let’s list out some of the most common obesity-associated illnesses that call out the need for undergoing weight reduction surgery.

1. Breathing Problem

Being overweight strained the lungs and thus, needless to say, breathing problem is the most common among people who have excess body weight. These individual struggles for breath, even with a very minute walking or climbing the stairs.

2. Heart Problem

Just like the lungs, the extra body weight exerts strain on the heart too, which now has to pump extra hard. Heart problems are thus, very common among overweight and obese people.

3. High Cholesterol

Obesity causes the body to have a much high level of cholesterol than what is considered to be safe. As a result, a plaque build-up to become quite common and it uplifts the risk of heart attack and stroke. Obesity surgery doctors recommend keeping an eye on the cholesterol profile for every overweight individual.

4. Depression

Though many might not count this as a health condition, depression and lack of confidence can make people very sick as well. Obesity, particularly when it is clubbed with body shamming, can make people withdraw from their social gathering and eventually, can cause severe illness.

5. Joint Pain

Having joint pain is very common among overweight and obese individuals, as the excess body weight exerts too much strain on the joints. In most cases, the joint pain stops the people form doing intense work out to lose weight. As a result, they cannot often lose weight through traditional approach and have to take resort of weight reduction surgery,

6. Sleep Apnea

We all snore from time to time. But it is quite common and quite dangerous for obese people specifically. The extra layers of fat deposits in the neck region often block the airway leading to snoring and a severe condition called sleep apnea, in which the breathing stops for a few seconds, during sleep.

In case, you or your loved ones are struggling with any of the above-mentioned condition, along with being overweight or obese, please get in touch with an obesity surgery doctor and consider getting weight reduction surgery.

Published by Ronit Roy

I’m a fitness freak, I have a passion to help people with my knowledge about healthcare and medicines. I’ve always been looking up for ways to help people lead a fit and healthy lifestyle.

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