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7 Useful Snacks Swaps To Keep Extra Calories At Bay

The statistics of obesity surgery in India is on the rise from the past few decades. The habit of stuffing ourselves with unhealthy snacks in between meals is a big reason for gaining extra weight. Today, we are offering some useful tips to cut calories by simply switching from fattening snacks to healthier ones.

Dhokla for Samosa

Samosa is undoubtedly the most popular snacks throughout India. These deep-fried snacks add a lot of calories and many times can also bring unwanted health disease, as these are often fried in leftover oil from the previous batch. So, instead of samosa, try a piece or two of dhokla. Its much tastier and healthier option.

Popcorn for Chips

Munching on chips is very common for youth these days. So when you crave for something crunchy, go for popcorn instead. It will satiate your craving for crunchiness but will add far fewer calories into your body.

Makhana for French Fries

Having french fries is very tempting but it contains too many calories, spices, and oil. So go a much lighter and yet crispy snacks – makhana. You can alter it at home by adding some spices in it.

Mustard for Mayo Dips

Let it be french fries of pizza, having a dip has kind of became a must. So, instead of adding too many calories in every bite, try dunking them in mustard instead. It is a much healthier option and light on calories too.

Idly for Vada or Pancake

In case you like to have vada or pancakes as mid-day snacks, it is a better option than a cheese-loaded sandwich, but you can make things even healthier. Go for the same portion of idly and reduce oil and calorie content of your platter in the blink of an eye.

Buttermilk for Lassi

After a meal, it is very common to find people to look for a chilled packaged beverage. So next time, you are thinking about picking lassi, try buttermilk instead. Both these beverages are made from curd, but lassi contains sugar and other artificial sweeteners, making buttermilk a much healthier option.

Ice Lolly for Fancy Chocolate

During summers, it is also inevitable to crave for some ice creams. But instead of falling for chocolate ice creams, with multi-layers of sweeteners, switch to simple ice lollies. They contain much lesser sugar in them.

Switch to these healthier snacks and keep calories at bay successfully. In the long run, you can stay healthy and obesity free. But in case, you are already dealing with obesity, try to consider obesity surgery.

Published by Ronit Roy

I’m a fitness freak, I have a passion to help people with my knowledge about healthcare and medicines. I’ve always been looking up for ways to help people lead a fit and healthy lifestyle.

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