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12 Alarming Signs Of Diabetic Foot To Watch Out For

Signs Of Diabetic Foot

Diabetes is a condition in which the sugar level in the blood increases drastically. Advanced diabetes treatment can help you manage diabetes effectively. But poorly managed diabetes can lead to many severe complications eventually. Today let’s discuss one of them, the diabetic foot and its alarming signs.

Diabetic foot is an umbrella term which refers to the conditions of feet that are affected by prolonged diabetes. Usually, prolonged diabetes leads to many complications in eyes, skin or kidneys, But the number of issues that affects foot health is severed as well. Thus there is a separate specialization for the same and the doctors who offer treatment for it are known as a diabetic foot specialist.

The following are the alarming symptoms of an underlying diabetic foot condition. It might occur in either or both feet.

  1. Numbness in foot and ankle that makes it difficult to recognize if anything is poking the areas.
  2. Muscles weakness or tenderness with no other reasons.
  3. Sharp and intense pain that may last for a few moments and return from time to time.
  4. Tingling or burning sensation in feet and heals.
  5. Reduce in the ability to feel any pain, pressure or temperature change in the feet.
  6. Heightened sensitivity especially for pain, so that even socks or bed sheets can feel heavy.
  7. Loss of balance during walking or standing even though dizziness is not the reason.
  8. Inability to feel even if feet are brushing against each other while walking or running.
  9. Easy bruising and slowed healing over long periods.
  10. Loss of reflex and ability to respond to both internal and external stimulus.
  11. Foot ulcers, and infection that takes too long to heal or worsens over time.
  12. Bone, muscle, and joint pain in the foot and heels.

Many times, when the loss of sensation or infection becomes too severe, it becomes inevitable to amputate the foot. Thus it is best to take every measure to ensure diabetes stay in limit with the help of timely, diabetic treatment. If you are consulting a good diabetologist, they will offer you all these information along with check-up, apart from evaluating your blood sugar level from time to time and prescribing medicines for the same. Either way, it is crucial to go for annual screening for diabetes check-up that includes screening for foot, eyes and kidney and all other organs that can be affected due to diabetes.

Published by Ronit Roy

I’m a fitness freak, I have a passion to help people with my knowledge about healthcare and medicines. I’ve always been looking up for ways to help people lead a fit and healthy lifestyle.

One thought on “12 Alarming Signs Of Diabetic Foot To Watch Out For

  1. Interesting article. Many common symptoms described here. There are a lot of steps one can take to prevent these issues, but most don’t work hard enough at it. What are your thoughts on sharing this post on my blog?

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