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5 Common Causes Of Heavy Breathing You Should be Aware of

Do you often feel out of breath? In between tasks, you need to slow down, catch your breath first before resuming? Breathlessness is a medical condition in which the body does not get adequate oxygen. Often people assume it is solely due to a strained heart and seek a solution at best heart hospital. However, there might be other reasons for the same as well.

Here we present some of the most common causes of breathlessness.

1. Cardiovascular Conditions

Needless to say, this is one of the most common reasons for being out of breath. This condition arises when the heart is unable to pump an adequate amount of oxygenated blood to the muscle. The muscles then work much harder to compensate for the same, resulting in breathlessness. A severe case of such a deficiency leads to a heart failure which is a medical emergency and requires extensive medical treatment from best heart hospital.

2. Lungs Condition

Apart from the heart condition, another main reason for breathlessness is some underlying lung condition. Exhausted lungs put strains of the respiratory system and thus, leads to breathlessness. People who regularly find themselves out of breath routinely should look for a complete diagnosis to evaluate the exact cause of it.

3. Allergy

The severity of allergies ranges from person to person. For some, it simply causes a runny nose, or itchiness and redness, but it can also shortness of breath for many. Many people get rid of the symptoms on their own after some time, but some require extensive care or anti-allergen shots.

4. Exercise

Doing light exercise can make you a little tired, but it is the heavy, vigorous exercises that are the culprit if you are loosing breathes in between or right after your gym session. While exercising the muscle has to work extra hard with a regular supply of oxygen, and result in shortness of breath.

5. Dehydration

Though this might not sound like a major possible factor, dehydration causes lots of trouble for the body. The human body is 70% water. So deficiency of water affect in many ways and rapid breaths are simply one of them. You can notice heavy breathing during the loose motion for the same reason.

So, in case you often find yourself struggling for breath, then its time for you to evaluate yourself for the reasons and seek proper treatment for the same.

Published by Ronit Roy

I’m a fitness freak, I have a passion to help people with my knowledge about healthcare and medicines. I’ve always been looking up for ways to help people lead a fit and healthy lifestyle.

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