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7 Useful Snacks Swaps To Keep Extra Calories At Bay

The statistics of obesity surgery in India in the rise from the past few decades. Thus, cut extra calories by switching from the fattening snacks with healthier ones.

6 Health Risks Of Obesity That Everyone Should Be Aware Of

If you are obese and have other health conditions as well, plz get in touch with an obesity surgery doctor and consider getting weight reduction surgery.

Bariatric Surgery in India – A Step Towards A Healthier Life Ahead

Bariatric Surgery in India is a fail-safe procedure to overcome obesity for once and for all. At ILS Bariatric Care, they offer Laparoscopic Obesity Surgery to help people struggling with obesity, to have a healthier life ahead.

Must Follow Do’s and Don’ts For Hernia Patients

Hernias are budged protrudes from belly and chest where intestine and abdominal fat comes out. These mainly occur in the abdomen but can also be found in upper thigh, belly and groin areas. Here are some Do’s and Don’ts that person suffering from hernia should follow. Do’s to follow Consume fruits, vegetables, and grains DrinkContinue reading “Must Follow Do’s and Don’ts For Hernia Patients”